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To reserve a puppy at Der Engle Krieger K-9, LLC, (DEKK-9) it's very simple. fill out our RESERVE A PUPPY form, then we require a Non Refundable $700.00 deposit. It's just that simple! First, your puppy will be reserved once we receive your deposit and your completed Reserve a Puppy form. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. All puppies must be paid in full 10 business days prior to leaving our facility.

Puppies that are not paid in full 10 business days (when the puppy is 6 weeks old) prior to their pick-up/shipping date will not be released until 10 business days after we receive their payment. Puppies not picked up on their scheduled pick up dates will be charged $30 a day for boarding.
We have to right to sell any puppy left here 7 days after it turns 8 weeks old, and you will forfeit your deposit.

The price to purchase a Der Engle Krieger puppy is $2,000 for each female and $2,500 for each male. For litter pick mail and litter pick female add $500.00 **Prices do not include shipping costs.

When you reserve a puppy, don't forget to fill out the PURPOSE OF GETTING A PUPPY and the ABOUT YOU box, because this is how we determine puppy selection. We are looking for information about your lifestyle. Things like, have you ever owned a Malinois? If not, have you ever owned a dog? If so, what kind of dog? How many people live in your household? Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? Do you live in a house, condo or an apartment? Do you work? Will the dog be with you 24/7 for your protection, or will your dog be left at home during the day? Will someone be home with your dog during the day? If not, where will you be keeping your dog? We ask all of this information so that we can choose the correct dog for you, not to mention that we want all of our beloved puppies to go to good homes.

Feel free to add any additional information for us to serve you better during the puppy selection period.

You are welcome to come and pick up your puppy or we would be more than glad to ship the puppy to you. The cost of the puppy does not include any additional charges, such as shipping, health certificates, crates etc.

If you have any questions, the best way to contact us is via email due to how busy we are caring for our dogs. But feel free to call us any time because we check for calls several times a day. We will generally get back to you within 24 hours depending on the time and date we receive your call or e-mail.

The price of the puppy does not include breeding rights, please call for information on breeding rights.

All information that we receive from you will be kept confidential.

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